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        Burma is a country of natural beauty, friendly and smiling people. It has a rich cultural background and history. In Burma you will see the true face of mystic far east untouched and unspoilt by the effects of mass tourism. “Underwater Burma” is another story. Being so remote and well- preserved from the mass-diving tours taking place in Thailand, the Mergui Archipelago of Burma has retained its natural beauty with its  healthy coral reefs and abundant fish life. More than 800 beautiful islands make up what is called Mergui Archipelago. Among the few people who inhabit some of these islands are the sea-faring non-aggressive people who live virtually in their small canoes on water : Sea Gypsies. 



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The region is so isolated and well preserved that during our one week liveaboard trip we haven’t seen any other dive boat except a few traditional fishing boats in the area. In between the dives we had the opportunity to visit some of the islands which had beatiful and pristine beaches of fine coral sand with the dense rainforest as a backdrop.


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        Diving in Burma differs from diving in Tayland where you would be diving among an army of divers who scare and chase the underwater life. In Burma you will be experiencing the solitute and peace in diving while absorbing the beauty of  healthy and untouched coral reefs among which many species of fish with beautiful colors swim by. Pelagic action is also much better in Burma. You will be seeing many species of sharks; gray reef sharks, nurse sharks for sure. If you are lucky enough you may see a whale shark, manta, bull shark, silvertip, white tip, black tip, leopard shark, etc..



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        If you are not into a dedicated diving trip in which you dive 3-4 times a day and you want to dive a little bit and then explore the beautiful islands then you can join the Burma Adventure Trip. In this trip you will do around 6 dives total. You will be trekking the islands, you will explore the pristine beaches and coves by sea kayaks.



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        Only a few companies are permitted to run dive operations in Burma. Among them “South East Asia Liveaboards Co.”  has been the pioneer in the business. It is one of the oldest and most reliable companies. We have joined one of their liveaboard diving trips to Mergui Archipelago with their trimaran sailing vessel: Wanderlust. We have been very satisfied with the quality of diving and beautiful and rich underwater life. The quality of service on board and on shore, friendly and helpfull crew has made life and diving in this trip an enjoyable experience. Our experienced Austrailian captain Hamish with his tales of deep wreck diving in the Solomon Islands and our friendly divemaster Paul have made their best in order for us to spend a nice diving trip to heaven.



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